Lake Hillsdale Community Work Request

As you drive around our area and see things that need to be corrected or improved, please take the time to tell us what needs to be addressed.

Please open the Work Request Form and provide sufficient detail that we may find and correct the problem. Response to the work request will be accomplished as soon as it can be scheduled, time and money permitting.

Current members may request the LHPOA maintenance staff assist with projects around their property which requires use of LHPOA tractors and equipment.  The LHPOA maintenance staff may be allowed to assist private home owners when the efforts don't conflict with LHPOA work assignments. The fee for use of the LHPOA tractor and driver is $50.00 per hour and is charged from the time the equipment leaves the maintenance area to the time it returns.  Please complete the work request form stating what is needed and we will have one of our staff provide you with an estimate of the cost associated with the request. The request and estimate will be reviewed by the LHPOA Vice President and if acceptable, scheduled for completion.