Homes and Lots for Sale in Lake Hillsdale

We are currently accepting ads for placement in this space and will include all those we receive.  You may list your home for sale by sending us the Home-Lot For Sale Form.  All Homes-For-Sale Ads will run for 6 months or until we are requested to remove them.

Lake View Subdivision Lot 21:  Heirs are willing to sell LV lot 21 for back dues and court clerk deed or transfer fees.  * Note that LV lots 20 and 22 are both for sale by the State of MS.  You may be able to get all three lots for very little money.  (Gregory Chaix 504-615-3126) (Placed 1/28/2011) 

Lake Terrace Subdivision Lot 69,  $2,000.00.  Will consider an offer.   No longer able to enjoy the amenities and have no one that lives within a close enough proximity to enjoy what Lake Hillsdale has to offer.  Everything is paid up to date.  Contact John at (Placed 2/15/2011)

Subdivison LHA, Lot 58. We would like to sell this lot for the original price bought for $5,000. We will consider an offer. Upon offer, we will pay up the past dues. Taxes are paid. Contact David at (815) 369-9908 or Star at (Posted 2/18/2011)

Phoenix Ridge Subdivision Lot 23:  Owner is willing to sell PR lot 23 for $2500 plus court clerk deed and transfer fees. Taxes are paid. Contact Michael Holdcraft (Posted 2/26/2011)

Plantation Lane Lot 048:  $10,000 or best offer.  Taxes and POA dues are current.  Owner lives in Washington State and is unable to make use of the property or the Community amenities.  Contact: Dennis McCollum (Posted 04/07/2011)

Phoenix Ridge Subdivision, Lot 204:  Price $1,350.00 Plus Court Clerk Deed & Transfer Fees.  All property taxes and POA dues are paid up-to-date.  If interested in purchasing the property, contact Lawrence Ryals at 205-991-1970.  

Lake View Subdivision, Lot 77:  Lot for sale, All Dues and Taxes are paid to date.  Best Offer.  Contact Ester Jordan (Posted 05/05/2011)

Hickory Valley Subdivision, Lot 65:  Lot fo Sale, Association dues are paid through December 2011.  Will sell for $250.00 plus clerk fees to transfer deed.  Contact Larry at 601-273-9060 or e-mail at  (Posted 05/21/2011)

Lake Hillsdale Subdivision, Lot G33:  List Price $8,200.  Located on the Nine Hole.  Length 188.4 Width 73.9.  Contact  (Posted 08/20/2011)

Valley View Subdivision, Lot 20:  Available for $1,000.00, pus buyer pays the transfer fees.  All taxes and homeowner fees are paid up to date.  I just live too far away to enjoy Lake Hillsdale.  Contact  (Posted 09/20/2011)