LHPOA Club House

As the focal point of our community the Lake Hillsdale Clubhouse serves the surrounding area as a meeting and recreational center.  Providing over 4000 square feet of space with seating for over 100 guests, this facility is ideal for community events,  large family gatherings, weddings, and receptions.

The large open beamed central room with its huge open fireplace and view of Lake Hillsdale provides our guests with a rustic yet modern atmosphere where people feel comfortable in homelike surroundings.

The Association sponsors five annual community events here which include the Valentines Day Dance, Independence Day Celebration, the April and August annual homeowner meetings, and the Christmas Holiday Dinner. In addition we sponsor fund raising events for worthy community efforts.

Our efforts to restore this charming facility after Hurricane Katrina have been successful but not completed. There is still opportunity for improvement and further repairs to be made but the facility is open to our guests and remains a jewel within our community. Your help and support in completely restoring this magnificent facility are welcome. Monetary donations may be mailed to the Club House Repair Fund, 75A Rault Drive, Lumberton, MS 39455 or contribution of labor and/or materials may be made by contacting the Association Office Manager at 601-796-8274.