Clubhouse Rental Fees

The LHPOA Clubhouse is available for rent to members and non-members for meetings, receptions, weddings, birthday parties and community events.  Partial day rentals (6 Hours) and full day rentals (24 Hours) are available as required to meet your needs.  The Rental Agreement will provide all the necessary detailed information concerning the rights of the parties.

The renter shall be given access to the property during the day of the event.  Cancellations must be received 30 days prior to the event or the deposit and reservation fees will be forfit.  Bookings within 30 days of the event must be paid in full at the time of rental.

One half of the deposit will be refunded to the renter if the property is not damaged, food and decorations are removed, and the floors are swept after the event.

Deposit Rental Fees
Partial Day (Up to 4 Hours) $90.00 $180.00
Full Day  (24 Hours) $175.00 $350.00
Non Members    
Partial Day (Up to 4 Hours) $175.00 $250.00
Full Day (24 Hours) (Note 1) $200.00 $500.00


NOTE 1:  The renter may have access for 4 hours one day prior to the booked event (if facility is not booked) with payment of a $75.00 pre-rental setup fee.

Other arrangements including table clothes, table decorations, and catering may be arranged and are negotiable based on the renters requirements.