Club House Renovation

Our Club House has undergone a great deal of renovation work since it was significantly damaged during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The initial work overseen by Cat Tucker rescued the building after it had been condemned as a dangerous structure rescued what some saw as an ‘icon’ of the Hillsdale Community. Subsequent work including a brick base to the front of the building constructed by local craftsman Jimmy Howell has contributed to the ongoing restoration work.

The main function room and ground floor areas have been operational for some time and many private functions have been held at the venue with forward bookings already filling the calendar for 2012. But as with any older building there is still work to be done as and when funds allow.

Much of the work yet to be undertaken involves carpentry repairs and replacement of exterior decking. The external timber staircase to the upper floor is no longer functional and thus the former offices on the upper floor cannot be used. We are thus appraising the work required in various areas and prioritizing tasks to be undertaken in a suitable work program.

Whilst some of these projects are extensive many of our property owners have the skills and ability necessary and may be willing to assist with much of the work. If any LHPOA members would like to contribute materials, finance or simply your labor please contact our Estate Office (601-796-8274).