Proposed New Projects

We are currently planning new projects for Lake Hillsdale and some of the suggestions made to date include:

  • Clearing the parks at Catfish Lake and Lake Happiness of brush and undergrowth
  • Clearing out the Maintenance Lot and building a pole-shed to store our equipment
  • Using the anticipated Firewise grant to clear fire lanes and park areas
  • Tree clearing in West Hillsdale
  • A new road has been discovered at Timberbluff that will be cleared. This road will allow another entrance/exit to Hillsdale.
  • Garden of Remembrance will soon be started at the site of the Old Chapel.

Your input and comments on these projects are welcome. If you have other projects you would like us to include, let us know what they are by completing the following form. Responses from current members shall be addressed, distributed to all Board Members at the following Monthly meeting, and posted on this web site. If there is sufficent interest we will create a blog for our members to use.

New Project Comment Form