Lake Hillsdale is a Nationally Recogized Firewise Community

In 2009 Lake Hillsdale was accepted as a Firewise Community with the goal to reduce the wildfire risk within our subdivisions through education and community involvement.

One fundamental Firewise principle is that a reduction of wildland fuel in the home ignition zone and the zone of defensible space will result in a reduction in wildland fire behavior.  The basic Firewise principles of home design, construction, landscaping and maintenance are encouraged and we urge homeowners to follow these basic principles.  Visit the national Firewise website at or the National Fire Protection Association website at or the Mississippi Forestry Commissions website at for tips on making your home and your community Firewise.  Mississippi has an expanding wildland urban interface and a substantial wildfire problem.  During 2011 the Mississippi Forestry Commission is offering home owners a grant to clear brush and trees from the home ignition zone around your home.  All Lake Hillsdale homeowners are invited to complete the Homeowner Grant Request and protect your home.