Annual Elections

The current Board of Directors are:

Colin Midgley, President
Co-Chair Membership Committee
Co-Chair Architectural Committee

Jake Cavanaugh, Vice President
Chairperson of Membership Committee
Website Management

Linda Herbert, Secretary
Co-Chair Architectural Committee

Pat Vines, Treasurer
Chairperson of Finance and Planning Committee
Co-Chair of Welcome Wagon Committee

Jeff Boice, Board Member
Chairperson of Welcome Wagon Committee

Fred Aubrey, Board Member
Chairman Architecture Committee

Mel Hunsinger, Board Member
Co-Chair of Membership Committee
Co-Chair of Adjudication Committee

Yvonne Boudreaux, Board Member
Chairperson of Adjudication Committee
Co-Chair of Welcome Wagon Committee

Tom Eubanks, Board Member
Member Roads, Lakes, and Buildings Committee
Co-Chair of Adjudication Committee

Brenda Wedge, Office Manager
Chairperson of Election Committee

If any of our current members would like to join one or more of these commitees, please contact our Office Manager or the current Board Member.

The Annual Members election will be held August 27th, 2011 at 1 PM in the LHPOA Clubhouse at 75 Rault Drive, Lumberton, MS. Please make every effort to attend this very important meeting. The Election Ballot and the biographies of all members running for office are provided as Adobe Acrobat attachments.

Election Ballot 2011-2012

Short Biography of Candidates