Subdivision Maps

The following maps are included for your convenience. They are all pictures so they may be expanded to view detail of each lot and road. The Lake Hillsdale subdivision map will provide an overall look at all the subdivisions and their relationship to others.

Lake Hillsdale Subdivisions

Constituent Subdivisions and Lots:

Overview map of all subdivisions: Lake Hillsdale Subdivisions 001

Subdivision Lots Map Link
1 Arizona, Section 1 093 Arizona I 001.jpg
2 Catfish Lake, Section 1 217 Catfish Lake I 001.jpg
3 Colorado, Section 1 110 Colorado I 001.jpg
4 Colorado, Section 2 106 Colorado II 001.jpg
5 Hickory Valley 142 Hickory Valley 001.jpg
6 Hillsdale West, Section 1 264 Hillsdale West I 001.jpg
7 Hillsdale West, Section 2 056 Hillsdale West II 001.jpg
8 Lake Happiness 161 Lake Happiness I 001.jpg
9 Lake Hillsdale 094 Lake Hillsdale 001.jpg
10 Lake Shore 148 Lake Shore 001.jpg
11 Lake Terrace 144 Lake Terrace 001.jpg
12 Lake View 240 Lake View 001.jpg
13 Lake Vista 168 Lake Vista 001.jpg
14 Phoenix Ridge 304 Phoenix Ridge 001.jpg
15 Plantation Lane 050 Plantation Lane 001.jpg
16 Timber Bluff 271 Timber Bluff I, II, II, IV 001.jpg
17 Valley View 301 Valley View 001.jpg
  Total Constituent Lots 2,869

Affiliated Subdivisions and Lots

Property owners within Affiliated subdivisions have the right to join the LHPOA and enjoy the recreational activities only.

Subdivision Lots Maps Link
1 Arizona, Section 2 076 Arizona II 001.jpg
2 Catfish Lake, Section 2 090 Catfish Lake II 001.jpg
3 Indian Village 232 Indian Village 001.jpg
  Total Affiliated Lots 398